SVG Animation

SVG or for its abbreviation Scalable Vector Graphics, has been a long standing element that is easy to manipulate, especially to increase the sophistication to a website or an application. We use SVG often for its flexibility for animation, and its clarity when it is scaled.

On top of that SVG has a great browser support, as it can be seen here.

I found several tools that makes it easier to animate an SVG out. Hope this will help you guys out.


Originally SVGator is a free tool, on a recent event it has become a paid service. They do provide a 7 day free trial, therefore I would suggest create your animation within the 7 days and export it out!

The thing I like about this tool is that it segregates out the SVG into several parts, and it provides an interface that you can select each element and animate it the way you want it to.

I created a sample with their tool, you can download the sample animation here.

Snap SVG & SVG.js

Two other tools that I have found are Snap SVG and SVG JS, which can be found here and here, respectively.

Both of these tools have similar functionality, where you would need to get a bit hands on to code out the entire element, however, by doing that you have more control over each and every vector.

Currently, I am still experimenting with Snap SVG, and have not played with SVG.js. But from SVG.js, they reported that their performance is much better than Snap SVG.

Please do let me know which of the two would be better.

SVG Circus

One other tool that I stumbled upon, was SVG Circus, it provides the similar interface of SVGator, however, it is less sophisticated. I personally prefer SVGator, but with the recent pricing of SVGator, I would not mind using SVG Circus.

Have a play of the tools.

Happy animating!

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