Simplicity the ultimate sophistication

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is one of the maxim made by a famous old figure, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Why should we adopt this maxim?

It is a good maxim to adopt as a creative professional, usually everything we create goes through an iteration or an evolution of what we may have developed during the first version of the app.

It is quite easy for us to get lost within user’s feedback and organisation’s input. Therefore, we need to always bear in mind one thing, to focus on what is important. It is normal that things can be quite chaotic during either development, designing or planning phase. Chaos can cause quite the stir, especially when time and deadlines are at the forefront of things.

When we adopt the thinking of being simple, the next concept that comes along is whether we understand the essence of the project. What is the big picture you should ask yourself, and what is the objective of every single feature that is being laid out on the screen. Do they or do they not support the overall objective for the user?

The thinking of “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, in my opinion to scrap through all of the distractions and disturbances, and arrive at a point where you see it you know what it does. Just like the radio back in the days, it is a complex device with too many buttons and knobs. Then Dieter Rams changed all of that, with the aluminum chassis and a few buttons.

Picture thanks to Google and Sketch App Resources.

You can see how sophisticated and simple it is, to such a complex product back in the days.

This should be what we want to achieve, to solve a complex problems with a simple solution. Strip out the unnecessary and leave the focus. And you’d be surprised with the results. We should solution from within the goal of the user not from features of the application.

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Vincent HalimSimplicity the ultimate sophistication
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