Vincent Halim

Simplicity the ultimate sophistication

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" is one of the maxim made by a famous old figure, Leonardo Da Vinci. Why should we adopt this maxim? It is a good maxim to adopt as a creative professional, usually everything we create goes through an iteration or an evolution of what we may have developed during the

Design a better user interface

In creating a good user interface, it is good to remember the maxim "To focus on the user's perspective", although it is easy to be lost within the mindset that we know user's best, there is nothing that beats a real user's feedback. In this article, it is to focus on a few things to

Color Scheme

Creating a good interface and experience requires you to find the right mix of colors to display to user what is needed to be focused and what can be a supplement element. And it can be quite a tiresome process as well. Therefore I have curated different color schemes to help. #fdbb2d #22c1c3 #eeaeca #94bbe9

9 CSS Loaders that I absolutely love!

I have found that CSS loaders or pre-loaders as some would call them, are one of the fine details when designing a premium UI. CSS Loaders are usually used add another layer of interaction when users are using the application. Loaders usually defines the state to the user that something is happening, and they should

SVG Animation

SVG or for its abbreviation Scalable Vector Graphics, has been a long standing element that is easy to manipulate, especially to increase the sophistication to a website or an application. We use SVG often for its flexibility for animation, and its clarity when it is scaled. On top of that SVG has a great browser